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"we wanted to take a trip to a distant island

we only had money for paper sheets

he took one, made a boat

We got on board,we closed our eyes

He took the helm, I took the sail

and dreams... dreams made the wind"

In a dream world where paper is the main element, two characters land, during their journey they will encounter bizarre events and objects of an imaginary world. In their adventure they will come out of their ordinary to open up to the game and driven by curiosity they will learn the power of imagination.
In an atmosphere of poetry and carelessness the public will be brought through the silent tale of the artists to wonder and amazement in a climate of suspense and danger typical of circus language.

"Paper, and above all a blank sheet, represents for us a container with countless possibilities, where you can put any kind of human expression (from music, to poetry, to drawing, etc.) an endless store of art and meaning open to any person who wants to enjoy and share its content. And a blank blank sheet of paper, virgin, gathers in its soul all these infinite possibilities of expression, communication and relationship between people."


- Interpreters: Flavio Barbui and Cristiana Morelli
- original idea: Compagnia Nomaduo
- outer eye: Fabiana Ruiz Diaz
- choreography help: Taila Giannini
- set design help: Alessandra Spoletini
- costumes: Flavia Grazini



- acro-duo

- hand to hand

- aerial ladder

- free ladder

DURATION: 40 min

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