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Cristiana Morelli

Cristiana is passionate about the tattoo world at 22 years old working in a studio and attending tatoo convenction discovers fire. He thus approached the world of entertainment that he fell in love with and decided to make this passion a job. From here he decides to enroll in the Roman School of Circus, to begin studying trapeze.
Graduated in 2017 in trapeze and hand-in-hand, she moved with Flavio to Spain to continue her studies. At the same time he collaborates in the logistics sector with Circo el Grito.

Flavio Barbui

Flavio was born in Venice in 1990 and began to take an interest in the performing arts during his university studies. In those years he followed several theater courses that led him to write a thesis on the therapeutic capacity of the theater. At the same time he begins to make the first street shows with fire and grows in him the awareness that that will be his future road. He then broke at the Roman School of Circus where he graduated in 2017, where he discovers the 'love for the scale of balance and hand to hand, whose techniques will continue to improve to date following internships and workshops. Since 2017 he has been working in the logistics sector of Circo El Grito.

Nomaduo Company

The company was founded in 2017 among the stalls of the circus school. From this meeting was born a collaboration that gave them the desire and the determination to graduate and leave for an adventure together. After a summer of shows for various Italian squares with the show "EGO" (2018), the company moves to Spain where he continues his training at the "Espai de circ Cronopis" and improves his hand-to-hand technique with the teacher Fernando Melki. Here they complete their second show "BISTIC" (2019) that will take place between Italy and Spain. The biennium 2020-2021 is dedicated to the creation of the new show "CHARTA".

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